Summer 2013

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First stop this summer was Pylos in May -- another great season in the field excavating in preparation for the new roof over the palace of Nestor with the Greek Ephorate and Shari Stocker from the University of Cincinnati. Western Messenia is perhaps the most beautiful place I have been to in all of Greece!  But you can judge for yourself from the photos!

The director Shari Stocker and Jack Davis 

Next I ventured on to Eleon. This was my first full summer at this site and I loved it!  Working with Brendan Burke from the University of Victoria and Bryan Burns from Wellesley College and many students mostly from Canada.  It was an excellent experience with a lot of amazing material!

Me and Brendan Burke   

And my last stop was the Mitrou Archaeological Project directed by Aleydis Van de Moortel from the University of Tennessee.  This was out TENTH season!  And this year we reached over 1000 pages of drawings!  Incredible!  We also experience some strange weather, power outages and an earthauke!  So the illustration team found itself in several locations throughout the apotheke this year!

Me with fellow illustrator Marcella Rossin and architect Giuliana Bianco trying to get some light with the power out after earthquake

Using multiple profile gauges to draw large pithos

Marcella and I drawing outside again waiting for the power to come back on


Closing up shop for another year!


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