Fall 2013

November 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Back to Greece again so quickly!  First was a quick stop to work at a new site for me - Aigeira, which is a project of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens.  This site is in the Greek region of Achaia and we lived in Akrata, which is a beautiful town directly n the coast of the Gulf of Corinth.  there was a beautiful windy uphill drive each morning to the site and the lab.  I was only here for a short time but I definitely hope to return.  Luckily, another great illustrator, Christina Kolb, was also there to help with the huge amount of drawings to be done!


And next I was very happily able to return to Pylos again.  This time to catch up on drawings needed of excavated material in the museum.  It got to be a little rainy and slightly cool - but living in the town of Pylos was beautiful as always.  And drawing the pottery from the site was interesting as usual!   Being here in October/November was also a great time to see what non-smmer life is like in Greece.  We were able to attend festivities for Navarino Day, a celebration of Greek independence, that included touring both a Russian and Greek war ship!

And that was all for this trip!


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