ASOR in Baltimore!

November 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Time to try a new conference!  I was a first time exhibitor at the American Schools of Oriental Research's (ASOR) Annual Meeting and it was a great success!  The subject matter of this meeting is a great complement to and extension of what I am used to working on.   Jordan, Egypt, the Near East, Greece, Biblical archaeology...A really interesting mixture.  The exhibit hall was really a hallway and had high traffic as people rushed about to and from the various sessions and meetings.  I met a lot of the same faces behind the book sellers tables as well!  Baltimore is an old city with a lot of history that I wish I was able to see more of.  I did go to the Walters Art Museum and saw their amazing Greek and Roman collection!  One pot on display I used in my MA Thesis about the iconography of the bird and its possible relationship to the soul. 



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