Workshop at Wellesley College

November 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


Following the ASOR conference I continued my trip to Wellesley College where I was invited by Dr. Bryan Burns to give a introductory workshop for first year archaeology students in the Department of Classical Studies.  It was the last day before the Thanksgiving break, and I was grateful for everyone's attendance and enthusiasm!  I think it was an excellent way to spend the last day of class before a holiday break.  There were about 15 students and in addition to the broken modern ceramics that I brought for practice, we were also able to use the departments sherd collection - a real treat for the students to be able to draw real ancient material.  

Wellesley College is a beautiful old campus surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes and small towns (not to mention huge and beautiful old homes as well)!  It was a real treat to be invited here!  It was either pouring rain or freezing cold while I was visiting though - so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked!

I was also able to draw some of Greek material in the Davis Museum and Cultural Center as well.  Which may be the first time I actually used all of my tools and drew ancient material here on North American Soil!  And the laboratory space was  perfect with lots of light, several lamps, and large tables.


AND!  I also celebrated American Thanksgiving for the first time thanks to my lovely hosts, completely with centrepiece arranging :)  Amazing food, great company and above all the whole trip was an excellent experience that I hope to do again soon!



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