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"An Early Mycenaean Wanax at Pylos? On Genii and Sun-Disks from the Grave of the Griffin Warrior" by Sharon R. Stocker and Jack L. Davis has been published as part of the AEGIS (Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies) series through Presses Universitaires de Louvain.


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New Publication from Ancient Eleon! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2020/6/new-publication-from-ancient-eleon Great article about the field work done at Ancient Eleon between 2011-2018. I'm grateful to be involved in such an interesting project!  Have a read and a look at some great images and illustrations.  Its open access from the AJA!

AJA article Ancient EleonAJA article Ancient Eleon

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Featured on Griffin Warrior Tomb Facebook Page! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2016/5/featured-on-griffin-warrior-tomb-facebook-page To see one of my drawings from the Griffin Warrior Tomb and me drawing it  go to...

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Griffin Warrior Tomb https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2016/5/griffin-warrior-tomb Last year at Pylos the incredible discovery of the Griffin Warrior Tomb was made during the excavation season in June!  I have been lucky enough to work on drawing material from the grave for several months last fall and again currently in April through June. So far I have been able to work on sealstones, gold, and semi precious stone beads, ivory , and bronze! Couldn't ask for more!!

I will continue drawing finds from the new excavation season just starting this week!  You can follow along on the new facebook page and website!  You can also find the grave mentioned by National Geographic, the New York Times, CNN, the Smithsonian....the list goes on and on! very excited to be a part of it!

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First Archaeological Illustration course! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2016/2/first-archaeological-illustration-course This was an experiment for me that could not have gone better! Hosted by Brock University, I had a great mix of Brock students (both MA and BA), local archaeologists and artists, and even a few from farther afield - Colorado and British Columbia!  The first day was focused on the basics of illustrations and ceramics, while the second day shifted to lithics and small finds.  The final day was a day of fun and learning how to draw large and awkward objects.  Each person received a certificate and left with a folder full of drawings!  Thanks again to everyone who came and to Dr. Angus Smith and Brock University for hosting it!

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AIA San Francisco https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2016/1/aia-san-francisco First time being in San Fransisco and the first time my two digital illustration assistants, Ally Walsh and Natalie Gilson, joined me!  Its always great being at the AIAs and participating in archaeological discussions, meeting new and old friends, as well as catching up with colleagues and discussing upcoming projects.  San Francisco was a welcome change to the Canadian weather too!


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Greece in 2015 https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2016/1/greece-in-2015 Spent eight months in Greece overall this year!  It was a great opportunity to be in Greece for an extended period this year.  I worked at 7 different projects Romanou, Aigeira, Pylos, Eleon, Methone, Aigeira, and Pylos again. I was able to visit several off the beaten track sites I've been meaning to get too!  Had friends visit, stayed in my very own apartment, worked drawing outside in the wet, cold February months, and got to draw several burials through the summer.  Lots of firsts this year - and of course and always - beautiful moments at sunrise and sunset :)  Here's hoping for as great a 2015!

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Wellesley Weekend Workshopping https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2015/11/wellesley-workshop This was an amazing weekend organised by Dr. Bryan Burns of the Classics Department in Wellesley.  Myself and Vicky Karas, fellow team member and conservator from the Eleon Excavations team  were invited to discuss our professions and experience working in the field of archaeology.  I led two workshops over the weekend, one for the Boston Archaeological Institute of America Chapter held at Brandeis University alongside Dr. Andrew Koh and one for the archaeology class at Wellesley College itself.  It was an absolutely beautiful Fall weekend!

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CIG Workshop in Windsor https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2015/2/cig-workshop-in-windsor Was more than happy to be asked to participate in the Biannual Graduate Student Conference of the Canadian Institute in Greece. There were several great Student papers over the weekend and I held 2 well attended short workshops for participants throughout the conference.

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AIA Annual Meeting in New Orleans https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2015/1/aia-annual-meeting-in-new-orleans

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Workshop in St. Catharines April 5th https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2014/4/workshop-in-st-catharines I was very happy to be able to hold a workshop this month here in S. Catharines!  I had participants from Guelph, Welland, and Toronto!  We worked in a beautiful space provided by Optimal Wellness Niagara (OWN).  A beautiful yoga studio with natural light that I would be more than happy to use again.

The participants all had archaeological backgrounds being either students or Ontario archaeologists.  It was a great group to work with and each brought their own experiences to the table.

Here are just a few photos from the day!



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Greece in Winter 2014 https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2014/3/greece-in-winter-2014 This winter, I stayed in Athens for a few days before travelling North to Atalanti to work on material from Mitrou.  Mostly I was drawing metal objects, Neolithic and Early Helladic pottery, and textile tools.  While in Atalanti I lived in the small seaside town of Skala with its beautiful beachside cafe Portokali (even in the rain).  And I also visited the beautiful village of Larymna and saw first hand the shocking vista of the huge factory Larco where most of the nickel extraction/production in all of Europe takes place!  At the end of my trip I made it all the way down to Pylos for some relaxation and digital drawing.


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AIA Annual Meeting Chicago https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2014/1/aia-annual-meeting-chicago Excellent Annual meeting in Chicago this year for the Archaeological Institute of America!  Even though the polar vortex trapped me (and everyone!) there for an extra three nights!  Beautiful snow covered city!  Lots of friends and great connections. Can't wait until next year in New Orleans!


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Workshop at Wellesley College https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/11/workshop-at-wellesley-college  

Following the ASOR conference I continued my trip to Wellesley College where I was invited by Dr. Bryan Burns to give a introductory workshop for first year archaeology students in the Department of Classical Studies.  It was the last day before the Thanksgiving break, and I was grateful for everyone's attendance and enthusiasm!  I think it was an excellent way to spend the last day of class before a holiday break.  There were about 15 students and in addition to the broken modern ceramics that I brought for practice, we were also able to use the departments sherd collection - a real treat for the students to be able to draw real ancient material.  

Wellesley College is a beautiful old campus surrounded by gorgeous natural landscapes and small towns (not to mention huge and beautiful old homes as well)!  It was a real treat to be invited here!  It was either pouring rain or freezing cold while I was visiting though - so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked!

I was also able to draw some of Greek material in the Davis Museum and Cultural Center as well.  Which may be the first time I actually used all of my tools and drew ancient material here on North American Soil!  And the laboratory space was  perfect with lots of light, several lamps, and large tables.


AND!  I also celebrated American Thanksgiving for the first time thanks to my lovely hosts, completely with centrepiece arranging :)  Amazing food, great company and above all the whole trip was an excellent experience that I hope to do again soon!


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ASOR in Baltimore! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/11/asor-in-baltimore Time to try a new conference!  I was a first time exhibitor at the American Schools of Oriental Research's (ASOR) Annual Meeting and it was a great success!  The subject matter of this meeting is a great complement to and extension of what I am used to working on.   Jordan, Egypt, the Near East, Greece, Biblical archaeology...A really interesting mixture.  The exhibit hall was really a hallway and had high traffic as people rushed about to and from the various sessions and meetings.  I met a lot of the same faces behind the book sellers tables as well!  Baltimore is an old city with a lot of history that I wish I was able to see more of.  I did go to the Walters Art Museum and saw their amazing Greek and Roman collection!  One pot on display I used in my MA Thesis about the iconography of the bird and its possible relationship to the soul. 


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Fall 2013 https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/11/fall-2013 Back to Greece again so quickly!  First was a quick stop to work at a new site for me - Aigeira, which is a project of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens.  This site is in the Greek region of Achaia and we lived in Akrata, which is a beautiful town directly n the coast of the Gulf of Corinth.  there was a beautiful windy uphill drive each morning to the site and the lab.  I was only here for a short time but I definitely hope to return.  Luckily, another great illustrator, Christina Kolb, was also there to help with the huge amount of drawings to be done!


And next I was very happily able to return to Pylos again.  This time to catch up on drawings needed of excavated material in the museum.  It got to be a little rainy and slightly cool - but living in the town of Pylos was beautiful as always.  And drawing the pottery from the site was interesting as usual!   Being here in October/November was also a great time to see what non-smmer life is like in Greece.  We were able to attend festivities for Navarino Day, a celebration of Greek independence, that included touring both a Russian and Greek war ship!

And that was all for this trip!

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Summer 2013 https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/8/summer-2013 First stop this summer was Pylos in May -- another great season in the field excavating in preparation for the new roof over the palace of Nestor with the Greek Ephorate and Shari Stocker from the University of Cincinnati. Western Messenia is perhaps the most beautiful place I have been to in all of Greece!  But you can judge for yourself from the photos!

The director Shari Stocker and Jack Davis 

Next I ventured on to Eleon. This was my first full summer at this site and I loved it!  Working with Brendan Burke from the University of Victoria and Bryan Burns from Wellesley College and many students mostly from Canada.  It was an excellent experience with a lot of amazing material!

Me and Brendan Burke   

And my last stop was the Mitrou Archaeological Project directed by Aleydis Van de Moortel from the University of Tennessee.  This was out TENTH season!  And this year we reached over 1000 pages of drawings!  Incredible!  We also experience some strange weather, power outages and an earthauke!  So the illustration team found itself in several locations throughout the apotheke this year!

Me with fellow illustrator Marcella Rossin and architect Giuliana Bianco trying to get some light with the power out after earthquake

Using multiple profile gauges to draw large pithos

Marcella and I drawing outside again waiting for the power to come back on


Closing up shop for another year!

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SAAs in Hawai'i https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/5/saas-in-hawaii This year in April I was lucky enough to attend the SAAs in Hawai'i.  Not a bad location for my first SAA meeting! These are the annual meetings for the Society of American Archaeology held every year in April.  There were so many interesting sessions and incredibly varied topics from the usual Mediterranean Archaeology I focus on that it was impossible to attend even half of what I wanted to!  (nevermind the beauty of Hawai'i all around!).

The Exhibit Hall, where I hope to have a booth in the future displaying my work, was packed with many incredible exhibitors including National Geographic, many great publishers, and several archaeological equipment displays.  Lots of information and enthusiastic people and students were on hand to discuss and share many aspects of Hawai'ian cutlure both ancient and modern - as well as the spectacular topograhy and geology. The Convention Hall was beautiful and a great place to connect and meet new people.

I stayed on O'ahu for an additional week and learned even more about the climate, geology, archaeology, language, and history of the island and Hawai'i in general.  i did not want to leave!  And I look forward to attending again in Austin, Texas next year


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Workshop at Bucknell University https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/4/workshop-at-bucknell-university This workshop was so much fun!  I drove down to Bucknell University in Lewisburg Pennsylvania.  I was invited by Dr. Stephanie Larson.  She and Dr. Kevin Daly from the Classics Department will be taking their students to Greece for a field school excavation at Ancient Thebes on the Ismenion Hill.  The main feature of this hill is the Temple to Apollo, but the area was a significant place of use throughout ancient and medieval times.  


I introduced the students, and some of the faculty, to the basics of pottery illustration.  We learned about stancing, diameters and measuring techniques.  Overall I had 20 participants and fours hours of fun.  Everyone was able to draw several sherds from my selection of broken pots.  We also had some examples of ancient glass and other artifacts belonging to the department that we were able handle and discuss.








The campus at Bucknell is a gorgeous mixture of old buildings green space and some newer constructions.  Lewisburg is a small town with a lot of antiques, beautiful homes and history.  Built along the Susquehanna River, the little downtown has several  restaurants, pubs, movie theatre, and even a fantastic art store! (I admit to wandering through there a few times!)

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Next Workshop - Bucknell University March 29th! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/3/BucknellWorkshop WorkshopPosterBucknellGrey

This one is going to be fun! Four and a half hour road trip.  New town. New people.  Can't wait!  Having been in Greece drawing in the museum just last week I really can't wait to share some tips and secrets with these students.  I love being able to draw broken things and make them look whole - and it is even more fun to share it with people excited to learn how to do the same!

The students and faculty at Bucknell are preparing for their upcoming field school in Ancient Thebes.

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Winter Work In Greece https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/3/winter-work-in-greece I have been extremely happy to be in Greece for a part of the winter.  It is a completely different place than what I know in the hot summer months.  Previously the latest I had been to Greece was October and the earliest May.  Everything is extremely green and vibrant.  The days can be cold and rainy but when the sun comes it is as beautiful as a summer day.  The cloudy days have their own beauty as well and no matter what you can always find the Greek people outside on patios and coffee shops. It is wonderful.

The academic life of Athens is incredible!  There is a constant circuit of lectures and events and you never know who you will run into that is either living here or flying in for a short or long time.  I was able to attend the open meeting of the American School of Classical Studies and attend the keynote lecture given by Jeremy Rutter - entitled "Tsoungizan Surprises" which was live streamed and you can see here


Work here has been exciting and diverse.  I first worked at the current excavations at the Palace of Nestor in Pylos where work is being done to prepare for the building of a new roof.  I was in the field drawing sections and trench plans -- something I haven't done in YEARS.  It was cool outside at times and rained - but the scenery was gorgeous and I have never seen better conditions for drawing stratigraphy!  (i.e. minus the blazing sun and dry soil of the summer!)  Then I travelled north of Athens to draw metal objects and lithics in the Atalanti Museum from the site of Mitrou.  These objects take such a long time - it is great to get a head start on them before the busy schedule in the summer!

And Spring is definitely arriving!!! 

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Recent Illustrations published https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/3/recent-illustrations-published Last Fall, I had the opportunity to work with Marina Fischer from the University of Calgary on illustrations for her article "Ancient Greek Prostitutes and the Textile Industry in Attic Vase-Painting ca 550-450 BCE."  This article has recently been published in Classical World 106.2.



Ancient Greek Prostitutes and the Textile Industry in Attic Vase-Painting ca. 550–450b.c.e.

From: Classical World 
Volume 106, Number 2, Winter 2013 
pp. 219-259 | 10.1353/clw.2013.0027


This paper examines the link between ancient Greek prostitutes and the textile industry, specifically through the women’s association with braiding frames, spinning, and wool-baskets, as they are portrayed in Attic vase-painting. The argument presented is twofold: one, prostitutes from all ranks were involved in the textile industry and were thus depicted working wool in vase-painting; and two, Aphrodite, the prostitutes’ patron deity, was also linked with textiles through the representations of her headdress, gestures of spinning, and her embroidered chest ornament on Attic pottery.



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First Workshop of 2013! University of Victoria https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/1/workshop-fun-uvic This workshop was a lot of fun!  Coming off the energy of the AIA/APA Meetings in Seattle and the holidays, everyone was eager and in good spirits! This workshop was hosted by the Greek and Roman Studies Department at the University of Victoria and I am extremely thankful to Dr. Brendan Burke, the Chair of the Department, for organising such a successful event!  And to Dr. Genevieve Hill, a fellow archaeologist and illustrator, for helping me field questions and take awesome photographs!!

Full to capacity at 20 students - there were a variety of interests in the room!  Students from Greek and Roman Studies, Anthropology, and Art History. The workshop began with a brief introduction to Archaeological Illustration and why it is so important to draw artifacts and what information can be conveyed in a drawing.  All types of illustrations were discussed with an emphasis on artifacts.  Then the real fun started!  drawing sherds that I brought along from a previous pot breaking experiment!







The students worked with sherds to discover their diagnostic features, stance, and diameter.  Tools available included profile guages, calipers, diameter charts, stainless steel rulers and 0.5 led pencils.  And the anthropology students brought along some animal bone samples to draw! Everyone got to draw several things and brought home a folder of goodies, a certificate of completion, and their own pencil :)













All in all a great success!  Thank you to everyone for coming!  Can't wait for my next one!  Contact me for details and booking!                              For more photos see my facebook page! facebook/TinaRossIllustration


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AIA/APA 2013 Seattle https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2013/1/aiaapa-2013-seattle

My first time as an exhibitor in Seattle at the AIA/APA Annual meeting was a great success!  I was extremely happy to be involved and impressed with the number of people who approached me with genuine curiosity and interest.  Questions ranged from What is Archaeological Ilustration? to Are pencil drawings here to stay? to Are you also interested in general graphic design and creating logos.  All interesting questions which I plan to address in coming posts.

In general, I firmly believe that as long as we continue to study the archaeological record the way that we do, then pencil drawings are indeed necessary and here to stay.  Photography and digital scanning, while useful and exciting tools in and of themselves, still cannot combine the visual aspects of an artifact with the knowledge of the trained eye of an archaeologist the way that a drawing can.  The interest shown for the various workshops I hold attests to the fact that the younger generation of archaeologists is still very excited about and interested in archaeological drawing and the tools/skills involved.

I was happy to meet quite a few other illustrators in attendance at the conference as well - several with many more years of experience than myself! Great conversations about traditional ways of drawing and the changes brought on by the digital age. In future years at this conference I hope that we can meet and discuss aspects of our trade in a more organised way.

This year I displayed examples my work - pottery drawings, vase-painting scenes, maps, layouts, and plans - and the various tools I use in the field.  I gave away mailable postcards and highlighted my new workshop series.  I even held an impromptu drawing demonstration.

All in all I have come away refreshed and invigorated by the conversations and academic buzz that is always present at this joint annual meeting of Archaeologists and Classicists and I can't wait for next year's meeting in Chicago.  I especially want to thank Andri Cauldwell and Elizabeth Christian for being so keen to have me as a part of the Exhibit Hall and for promoting my table so enthusiastically prior to the conference!  Having a table nearby the Centre for Hellenic Studies, the American Schools of Oriental Research and the American Institute for Conservation made it even more enjoyable.  Also special thanks to Max MacDonald, a student from the University of Victoria, for being such a GREAT help throughout.

See more images on my Facebook page facebook.com/TinaRossIllustration

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Holiday Fun! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2012/12/holiday-fun Happy Holidays to everyone!  I couldn't resist adding the Santa hat once the idea came to mind!  It's a bit silly but it's making me smile and I hope it will make you smile too :)

Have a Merry Christmas and an amazing start to the 2013!

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Exciting delivery :) https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2012/12/exciting-delivery As I am working on getting ready for the upcoming AIA/APA Annual Meeting (I'm at Table 5!) I have been thinking about promotional tools and what treats I can bring to help show my work and explain what Illustration is all about.  My brand new business cards from moo.com just arrived!  I am so happy with them and receiving them has helped continue to build my motivation and excitement.  Merry Christmas to me! 


I also plan to bring an 11 x 17 portfolio of my drawings, special postcards about me :), and also all of my drawing tools and information about how and where to buy the types I love and can't live without!

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Latest news! https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2012/12/latest-news This Year I will be an exhibitor at the AIA/APA Annual Meeting in Seattle from January 3-6 2013.  What a great start to the year! I am very excited about this opportunity and can't wait to share my work and information about illustration with both students and professionals and to catch up with friends and colleagues.  

I will be holding specific appointment times for those interested in talking with me one on one AND I will be doing various drawing demonstrations throughout the weekend.  So come on by and check out my work, my drawing tools, and other exciting things at Table Number 5 in the exhibit hall

Please contact me to book an appointment or for more information

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Archaeological Illustration Workshop Scheduled https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2012/10/archaeological-illustration-workshop-scheduled News:  I will be holding an illustration workshop at Brock University on November 21st in the Classics Department.  No previous drawing experience is required!  I will discuss the basics of drawing ancient artifacts - why it is important and what information can be gleaned from the drawing process.  

Please contact me for details about registration for this workshop at Brock or for arranging one at your own University. Click here to read more about the various workshops I offer.


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Welcome: Where it All Started... https://www.tinaross.ca/blog/2012/10/welcome Welcome to my blog.  I have been working in the field as an illustrator for over 10 years. I started out as an undergraduate student drawing for professors while working on excavations, and it slowly grew from there as I began learning more and understanding the incredible amount of information that a drawing can provide.

Cyprus was the beginning of it all, when Danielle Parks gave me my first introduction to drawing.  What better way to start off this new blog then to share some pictures from Episkopi where is all started.  Enjoy these!  Episkopi and the whole island f Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of visiting and working, and the KAGC Project the most fun and memorable.  No wonder I'm still at it 10 years later!


Drawing in Episkopi, Cyprus Storerooms, Episkopi, Cyprus Kourion Amathus Gate Cemetery Chris Blue Beach
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