May 12-November 20, 2017: Fieldwork in Greece and Turkey


Projects include Pylos, Eleon, Kenchreai, Sinop, Methone, Aigeira, Malthi, and Pylos again!

For the first time, I have a Illustrator in training out in the field at Kenchreai! Ally Walsh has been training with me for the past 3 years!  Great to have her out on her own! Here I am leaving her in the capable hands of the illustration team at Kenchreai

January 8th, 12-4 pm: Archaeological Illustration Worksop, AIA/SCS Annual Meeting, Toronto Sheraton Centre, Room TBA


Learn the basics of drawing pottery and small finds during excavation and study season.  All tools provided for use.  $20 Supply/reservation fee.  Contact me at [email protected] 


Archaeological Illustration Workshop_AIA2017Archaeological Illustration Workshop_AIA2017


January 5-8, 2017: AIA/SCS Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario

Come visit it at my display table in the Exhibit Hall to talk abut my work, drawing, and my various workshop/training opportunities



August 3rd - September 10th, 2016: Archaeological Fieldwork, Methone, GREECE


Drawing pottery and artifacts from the current excavations at the site of ancient Methone where Phillip is said to have lost his eye. Another assistant, Natalie Gleason will join me at the start before beginning her PhD!



July 16th - July 22nd, 2016: Archaeological Fieldwork, Mouliana, Crete, GREECE


Drawing pottery and artifacts from the previous excavations at the Mouliana tombs from the early 1900s and experimenting with digtial scanning methods as drawing tool with my assistant Ally Walsh!

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June 6th - July 9th, 2016: Archaeological Fieldwork, Eleon, GREECE


Drawing pottery and artifacts from the current excavations at Ancient Eleon in Boiotia.  And bringing along my first ever illustrator in training Ally Walsh!



April 18th - June 5th, 2016: Archaeological Fieldwork, Pylos, GREECE


Drawing artifacts from the Griffin Warrior Tomb and finds from new excavations at the Palace of Nestor.  Follow along on Facebook and the web!



February 19th-21st, 2016: Archaeological Illustration Course, St. Catharines, ON.


Three day illustration workshop focusing on the principles of Pottery and lithic illustration to gain an understanding of the basics of archaeological illustration.  Please email me at [email protected] to reserve your space! 

Course fee: $125 (COURSE FULLY BOOKED!)


January 6th-10th, 2016:  AIA/SCS Annual MeetingEXHIBITOR, San Francisco, CA.

Join me at my table once again in the exhibit hall at the Archaeological Institute of America's annual meeting! Chat about archaeological illustrations and methods, see some of my work and current projects, and meet some of my new assistants! 



October 17th, 2015, 2-5 pm - Archaeological Illustration Workshop

Hosted by Brandeis University and the Archaeological Institute of American Boston Society.

Location: Mandel Center for the Hmanities at Brandeis University

RSVP to Bryan burns at [email protected]

February 21st - November 24th, 2015 - Field work in Greece

Location : all over Greece :)

Pylos, Eleon, Mitrou, Methone, Aigeira and Pylos.  Drawing pottery, architecture, stone tools, skeletons and more!


February 6th and 7th, 2015 - Illustration Workshop

Two separate workshops to be held during the Biannual Graduate Student Conference of the Canadian Institute in Greece at the University of Windsor, Ontario.  For more information and booking - contact Jeff Banks [email protected]





January 8th - 11th, 2015 - AIA Annual Meeting New Orleans 

Come visit my table at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institue of America to discuss any aspect of Archaeological illustration. 




July 23rd - November 30th, 2014  -Summer Fieldwork: Part 2

Drawing material from excavations at the Mitrou Archaeological Project with the University of Tennessee, Methone with UCLA, Aigeira with the Austrian Institue of Archaeology and Pylos.




April 21st - July 11th, 2014 -Summer Fieldwork: Part 1

Drawing material from excavations at the Palace of Nestor in the Chora Museum under the direction of Dr. Sharon Stocker and Dr. Jack Davis.  Currently the site is under construction in order to build a new roof over the palace.


Eleon Archaeological Project in Boiotia drawing material from current excavations.  This is a Canadian Project directed by Dr. Brendan Burke and Dr. Bryan Burns.


April 5th, 2-6 pm - Archaeological Illustration Workshop, Optimal Wellness Niagara (Studio) 26 Hiscott St, St. Catharines, ON

Workshop I: Introduction to Archaeological Illustration (Beginner)

Why Illustrate ancient artifacts? And how.  Focus on drawing ceramics and understanding pot sherds  (4 hours)



February 13th - March 13th, FIELDWORK in Greece.  

I will be drawing Pottery, Weaving Equipment, metal artifacts, and stone tools from Mitrou in the Atalanti Museum in Central Greece.  

January 2nd-5th AIA Annual Meeting, EXHIBITOR, Chicago, IL.

I am looking forward to being an returning Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.  Always excited to hear great scholarship, meet new people, and catch up with friends and colleagues!

November 26th  Archaeological Illustration Workshop  WELLESLEY COLLEGE, Wellesley, MA

I wil be holding a workshop for first year archaeology students interesting in participating in excavations and study programs in Greece. This will be a great way for them to get experience with handling and studying artifacts.


November 20th  - 23rd,   ASOR Annual Meeting   EXHIBITOR, Baltimore, MD


I am excited to attend and be an exhibitor at the Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research  for the first time!  First time to Baltimore too!





Back to Greece again so soon!  Happy to be spending some time in the Peloponnese this Fall at Aigeira and Pylos.  I will be drawing Bronze Age Greek pottery from current excavations.


As usual, I will post photos and updates!




September - August - HOME :)


Home!  Working on all the excellent digital drawing opportunities that have been coming my way these last few months.  Creating maps, working on beautifying charts and graphs for publication, and inking a LOT of pencil drawings of glass, pottery, and metal.  

Perfect time of year to be back in Canada at my own desk!




Back to Greece in the summer for my more usual schedule of fieldwork!  Will be drawing pottery and sections at Pylos, followed by drawing pottery and finds at the current excavations at Eleon in Boeotia, and lastly finishing up remaining drawings for the final study season at Mitrou in East Lokris.  Lots of Bronze Age material on the schedule this summer  

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APRIL 3RD - 7TH -- SAA Annual Meeting - Honolulu, Hawaii --HAWAII CONVENTION CENTRE

I will be visiting the Society for American Archaeogical Annual Meeting to hold meetings regarding new work possibilities in Central and South America - and anywhere else!  Can't wait to hear some interesting talks about archaeology from all over the world!


March 29th, Archaeological Illustration Workshop - BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY, Lewisburg, PA

I will be holding a workshop at Bucknell University for the students attending a field school at ancient Thebes.  They will learn the basics of illustration to prepare them for working with the excavation material



This will be my first time in Greece in the winter and I can't wait to be there!  Basically I will be getting a head start on some of my summer projects.  Will post details soon!

Excavations at Pylos and drawings in Atalanti Museum

Looking forward to being in places like these! (see some of my previous working conditions here :)


Recent Events....Read about them on my blog!




January 3 - 6th AIA/APA ANNUAL MEETING - Exhibitor - SEATTLE, WA

I would love to meet with anyone in need of illustrations, workshops held, or those who simply want to know more about illustration.  I will be available in the exhibit hall throughout the conference and have times set aside for specific appointments on both Friday and Saturday.  You can see my schedule here and contact me to make sure that there is time to meet and talk.  


I am looking forward to discussing archaeological illustration with everyone interested!


January 9th - Archaeological Illustration Workshop - VICTORIA, BC

I am very pleased to announce my next workshop at the University of Victoria! 

Open to all students in Classics, archaeology, anthropology and anyone with an interest in drawing and ancient artifacts.