AIA/APA 2013 Seattle

January 15, 2013  •  1 Comment

My first time as an exhibitor in Seattle at the AIA/APA Annual meeting was a great success!  I was extremely happy to be involved and impressed with the number of people who approached me with genuine curiosity and interest.  Questions ranged from What is Archaeological Ilustration? to Are pencil drawings here to stay? to Are you also interested in general graphic design and creating logos.  All interesting questions which I plan to address in coming posts.

In general, I firmly believe that as long as we continue to study the archaeological record the way that we do, then pencil drawings are indeed necessary and here to stay.  Photography and digital scanning, while useful and exciting tools in and of themselves, still cannot combine the visual aspects of an artifact with the knowledge of the trained eye of an archaeologist the way that a drawing can.  The interest shown for the various workshops I hold attests to the fact that the younger generation of archaeologists is still very excited about and interested in archaeological drawing and the tools/skills involved.

I was happy to meet quite a few other illustrators in attendance at the conference as well - several with many more years of experience than myself! Great conversations about traditional ways of drawing and the changes brought on by the digital age. In future years at this conference I hope that we can meet and discuss aspects of our trade in a more organised way.

This year I displayed examples my work - pottery drawings, vase-painting scenes, maps, layouts, and plans - and the various tools I use in the field.  I gave away mailable postcards and highlighted my new workshop series.  I even held an impromptu drawing demonstration.

All in all I have come away refreshed and invigorated by the conversations and academic buzz that is always present at this joint annual meeting of Archaeologists and Classicists and I can't wait for next year's meeting in Chicago.  I especially want to thank Andri Cauldwell and Elizabeth Christian for being so keen to have me as a part of the Exhibit Hall and for promoting my table so enthusiastically prior to the conference!  Having a table nearby the Centre for Hellenic Studies, the American Schools of Oriental Research and the American Institute for Conservation made it even more enjoyable.  Also special thanks to Max MacDonald, a student from the University of Victoria, for being such a GREAT help throughout.

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